Features - DMX

  1. DMX Control
    1. Isolated and advanced profiles. 
      1. OS2 makes use of isolated DMX profiles meaning DMX and Local “modes” are now separated.
    2. DMX Master. 
      1. This feature enables the ballast to stream up to 12 pixels of values over its DMX output while also sending the same values over PDX to the head unit. This allows multiple heads to act as one using local control. Yes, even Gradient mode over DMX master is possible.
    3. XY and RGB modes. 
      1. X,Y input allows for a more scientific method of control of Spectrum while RGB input allows Spectrum to easily be used with media servers for pixel mapping. With this release, there are 8 additional RGB modes. Four with Spectrum functionality and four others with basic R.G.B. functionality. See Personalities for details. 
    4. RDM. 
      1. Remote Device Management (RDM) allows nearly all settings of OS2 to be accessed over DMX networks by compatible devices. Convenient for when the ballast is inaccessible.
    5. DMX Streaming monitor 
      1. When DMX signal is detected, the ballast immediately switches to override its operation from local to remote control. With the switch down, OS2 shows live streaming data, often useful for troubleshooting.