Pixel & Color Space

Pixel: Accessible only through DMX, Pixel Control expands the possibilities of color output for each LiteMat Spectrum. LiteMat Spectrum 1 has 1 Pixel, LiteMat Spectrum 2, and 2L have 2 Pixels, LiteMat Spectrum 3 has 3 pixels, and LiteMat Spectrum 4 has 4 Pixels. See “DMX SETTINGS” for more information.



Color Space: There are 2 color spaces available for the user to choose from: REC2020 and REC709. REC 2020 and REC709 are the most common color spaces used by cameras in the industry right now. When the dimmer is set to either Color Space, the output is limited to the Hues that fall within each color space. While this may seem to limit color initially, it frees the user to fully utilize color and white light for the camera they’re working with. Working within a designated color space can also have a positive impact on the post-production color-correction process.



Power: Do not connect or disconnect the fixture under load. It is not recommended for the LiteDimmer Spectrum. The stress of continued hot swapping will lead to the burn out of the dimmer boards located in the fixture.


Right-Corner Legend