DMX Settings

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DMX SETTINGS allows the user to control the fixture through any device. The user can connect through wired or wireless DMX. When using wired DMX it is possible to daisy-chain between units. New to OS2, DMX operation now includes its own collection of DMX settings that are separate from LOCAL settings. When Spectrum detects DMX signal, regardless of switch state, the system immediately takes precedence over local control. This can happen over XLR or LumenRadio wireless.


• OS2 includes 15 intuitive and cinematic DMX profiles such as 8-bit and 16-bit with global, pixel, and gradient modes for:


1. Hybrid+ Plus, True Hybrid, and Spectrum modes.


• OS2 also includes 8 more console-friendly DMX profiles in 8-bit and 16-bit for global and pixel modes:


1. RGB, which offers simple 3-channel color with the addition of a TrueHybrid white point at 6500k.


2. RGB Spectrum, which is RGB control with adjustable white point and GLOBAL intensity control.


• RDM Functionality


○ Remote Device Management (RDM) implementation in OS2 enables compatible devices to interact with the ballast by making inquiries as to settings and sensor data, or to make changes to settings such as DMX start address.


• DMX Streaming Monitor


○ This is an essential feature for troubleshooting DMX networks. OS2 makes it possible to see live streaming data of all 5 parameters of (up to) 12 LF-Pixels.




○ This feature allows for DMX signal on ballast be interrupted when LOSS setting is active or maintain signal when HOLD settings is active.


• DMX Series Select


○ With new OS 2.0 firmware, LiteDimmer Spectrum DC200 can operate as a previous V1.1 release as SERIES 1 or as the new and enhanced OS 2.0 release as SERIES 2. When performing a factory reset, SERIES 2 is the auto choice.