How to operate LiteGear Spectrum.


  • To operate LiteMat Spectrum you must possess basic knowledge of how to safely light a subject with cinema type light fixtures. LiteMat Spectrum is no exception. Begin by unpacking the head unit and inspect the unit for damage that could cause a problem. This is a good idea to perform with each use if the units has been exposed to potential dangers. Next, place the unit on a flat surface with the LEDs facing up and attached the desired accessories such as PolySkirt followed by a diffuser and light control grid if desired. Turn the unit over and attach the mount to the K-Mount receiver of the head unit. Be sure that all the accessories are properly and safely attached. Continue by mounting the head unit on a stand or clamp then connect the head feeder cable to the head. Take the next step below.



  • To operate LiteDimmer Spectrum, unpack and inspect the unit for damage. Next place the unit on a flat and stable surface. Make all necessary connections to the ballast and power supply BEFORE energizing the system with power. Also ensure the switch is in the center position or DMX signal is set to command the intensity to OFF. Once powered, good practice suggests announcing your intent as not to startle others. You are now ready to shoot.


Ballast Switch Operation. The front face of the ballast includes two encoders (knobs) and a three position switch. 

  • Switch UP offer simple operation with white light only. Intensity, CCT, and Tint are arranged simply on one screen. This is intended for use when the lamp operator is unfamiliar with LiteGear Spectrum platform¬†
  • Switch Center allows access to all settings Use the display buttons to navigate though each screen.
  • Switch Down offers full local control of LiteGear Spectrum. Here Intensity, CCT, and Tint are on the main screen. Pressing the center display button navigates to the color screen. Here Accent color (Hue) and saturation can be adjusted. Return to the main screen to adjust master brightness.



  • Presets are available in local mode only and are included for Intensity, CCT, Hue, and Saturation. To access, enter local mode (switch UP or DOWN) and briefly depress an encoder (knob). The OLED display will show options on the bottom line for 3 seconds. Within the time period press the display button directly below your selection. User presets are accessed in the same manner as the default presets. To store a preset (coming in 2020), adjust a parameter such as CCT to the desired setting then hold the display button located directly below the desired preset location. Repeat for additional positions and parameters as needed.