Quick Start Guide

Unpacking LiteMat

  • Your new LiteMat has been packaged to protect it during shipping. To begin, carefully remove all the components in your kit and recycle (or reuse) the plastic and cardboard materials.


Attach the PolySkirt

  • To attach the PolySkirt, align the PolySkirt over the LiteMat. Next, affix the PolySkirt to the LiteMat by firmly pressing it down into the Velcro® on the LiteMat fixture. Make sure the PolySkirt is evenly spaced and aligned on the LiteMat to avoid light leak.


Installing a diffuser.

  • After securing the PolySkirt to the LiteMat, select the diffuser you would like to use, and ensure that the Velcro® fastener is positioned on the outside edge. Then, noting orientation, attach the Velcro® fastener section to the inside of the PolySkirt on its upper Velcro® perimeter.


Attach Louver

  • After attaching both the PolySkirt and the diffuser, optionally position louver in front of the diffused LiteMat and securely fasten all provided Velcro® straps to the PolySkirt and LiteMat. Finish by ensuring that it is securely fastened.


Attach K Mount

  • Start by aligning the alignment-pin to the center hole on your LiteMat. Next, while holding the center-mount at an “8 o’clock” position, align with holes on LiteMat and rotate clockwise until you hear the click.


Hanging LiteMat

  • Begin by unscrewing the 5/8-inch (16mm) pin receiver on the K Mount attached to the LiteMat. Insert the 5/8-inch (16mm) pin from the clamp/mount into the pin receiver on the center Mount. Next, attach a safety cable to the overhead support and then through the provided safety loop on the LiteMat, located on the left side of the mounting bracket receiver. Continue by providing electrical connections to the LiteDimmer and power supply.


Mount LiteMat on a stand.

  • Be sure the stand is equipped with a 5/8-inch (16mm) pin, and then setup the stand. Next, unscrew the 5⁄8-inch (16mm) pin receiver on the K Mount attached to the LiteMat until it is clear to accept the stand pin. Follow by tightening the 5/8-inch (16mm) pin receiver around the stand pin until snug.


Powering LiteMat with LiteDimmer

  • To control your LiteMat, begin by preparing your ballast. If you did not buy your LiteMat in a preconfigured kit, be sure the ballast is compatible and capable for continuous duty. Next, connect the LED output of the LiteDimmer to the input of the LiteMat (an extension may be required and/or desired). Then, ensure that the LiteDimmer power switch is set to off and provide power. On the LiteDimmer, move the power switch to either the UP or DOWN position (depending on the LiteDimmer you are using) and adjust the control(s) to the desired level. Your LiteMat should now be operational.


Adjusting the K Mount

  • Begin by loosening the adjustable handle 180 degrees while holding the LiteMat with your other hand. Next, pan, tilt, or rotate LiteMat to the desired position and tighten the adjustable handle.


Storing LiteMat

  • LiteMat is designed for dry, indoor use only. After use, start by disassembling each LiteMat accessory. Next, place the LiteMat and each accessory into the KitBag – LiteMat on its own and the PolySkirt and louver together in the adjoining compartment.
  • The set of diffusers are to be stored in an outside pouch; start by folding each diffuser to minimize wrinkling. Then, stow the LiteDimmer, power supply, center Mount, and cables in an available pouch. Your LiteMat is provided with additional copies of the product label. Insert one into the clear window on the kitBag for easy identification of its contents. This bag is specifically designed to protect your gear from “everyday” damage due to environmental conditions.


What’s Next?

  • Be sure to activate your warranty by logging on to Along with warranty information, we can keep you updated on what’s new with LiteMat.