Protected: LiteMat Spectrum

Welcome to LiteMat Spectrum

LiteMat Spectrum luminaires are offered in several sizes from LiteMat 1 to LiteMat 4 (LiteMat 8 will arrive in 2020). This new series of LED fixtures offer identical functionality as their predecessors and are compatible with all existing LiteMat head accessories. LiteTile Spectrum luminaires will offer all the benefits of the foldable LiteTile, with Spectrum output (due 2020)

LiteDimmer Spectrum ballasts are offered in a range of sizes and capabilities. Your new DC200 is “Classic” type and includes two knobs for Hybrid style functionality.

LitePower PDX cables and connectivity are universally compatible with all LiteGear Spectrum devices up to 600 watts in power. They deliver power and data from the ballast to the head with a reliable, locking connection.