If LiteDimmer Micro Single stops operating, remove it from the circuit to confirm that the dimmer is the problem. Connect the LiteRibbon directly to power. If it does not operate, the problem may not be the dimmer. Check leads and connectors. If the LiteRibbon does operate, LiteDimmer Micro Single could be overheated due to over-current conditions or is damaged. If damaged, contact the LiteGear Service department for service.

If LiteDimmer Micro Single seems to be experiencing irregular operation, a factory reset may be needed. Resetting the operating system can restore normal operation in many cases. To perform a factory reset, disconnect your dimmer from power, and bring the fader down to 0. Next, press and hold the “Power” button, and then power the dimmer.

After powering the dimmer, release the “Power” button. (The “Power” button should now be flashing on and off.) With your fader still at 0, tap the “Power” button once to confirm that you wish to reset the dimmer. At this time, cycle the power. Note that your preferences and settings may now have to be reset. (The “Power” button should now be flashing the software version of your dimmer.)