LiteDimmer Micro Single is programmed with the ability to set an adjustable fade time when turning your LiteRibbon on and off. To edit the fade time, ensure your dimmer is on standby (red indicator light will be pulsing), and bring the fader down to 0. Press and hold the “Power” button. Continue to press and hold while adjusting the fader accordingly: bringing the fader up to 100 sets the fade time to be 2 seconds while bringing the fader down to 0 sets the fade time to be instantaneous. The red indicator light under the “Power” button will flash with a frequency relative to the fade time. Release the “Power” button to lock in the fade time.

“Aaaaand Action!” Cueing: After setting the fade time, this dimmer function allows for the LiteRibbon to be brought up on cue.

From STANDBY: Set the fader to the desired brightness. Press and hold the “Power” button until the cue is given. When the cue is given, release the “Power” button, and the LiteRibbon will fade on (with the set fade time) to the desired brightness.

From ON: With the fader set to the desired brightness, press and hold the “Power” button until the cue is given. When the cue is given, release the “Power” button, and the LiteRibbon will fade off (with the set fade time).