LiteDimmerTM Pro Chroma


If the Chroma dimmer seems to be experiencing irregular operation, a factory reset may be needed. Resetting the operating system can restore normal operation in many cases. To perform a factory reset, follow the steps listed below:

1. Align the white line on the ‘LEVEL’ knob with the top line on the panel. Set the rest of the knobs all the way
2. Press and hold the LOCAL TRIGGER BUTTON.
3. While pressing and holding the LOCAL TRIGGER BUTTON, connect a DC power source to the dimmer. The
indicator light will begin flashing red very rapidly.
4. Release the LOCAL TRIGGER BUTTON. The indicator light will continue
flashing red rapidly but slightly slower than before.
5. Wait 5 seconds.
6. Disconnect the DC power source.
7. Reconnect the DC power source.

If the Chroma dimmer is still experiencing irregular operation after performing a factory reset, contact LiteGear Technical Support for assistance.