LiteDimmerTM Pro Chroma


Set the three-position rocker switch to the center ‘OFF’ position.

Connect the LED load to the PH6 output connector (be sure to observe wattage requirements for both the LED load and the LiteDimmer Pro Chroma). Please note that the PH6 output connector has two positive output pins. See image below for correct connections.

• Turn all 4 rotary knobs (HUE COURSE, HUE FINE, DESATURATION, LEVEL) fully counterclockwise.

• Provide DC power to the PC2 or PH2 input connector (the specific connector depends on the specific dimmer model being used).

• You are now ready to operate your LiteDimmer Pro Chroma.

When installing the Chroma dimmer, be sure to make use of the various mounting options available, including slots for cold shoe mount adapters (they can be accessed by removing the rubber bumpers) and the embedded magnets at the base of the rubber bumpers.