SpectrumOS 2 Private beta 2


The following is unreleased information intended for INTERNAL USE  or for official beta testers.

Spectrum OS2 is a firmware that operates on ChromaREV based Spectrum ballasts. It replaces the original version completely and can be installed by using the LiteGear Updated Cable. This update aims to improve the Spectrum experience by adding features and streamlining existing operation. This next-gen firmware includes some features to achieve parity with other products on the market and to leapfrog those same products in a few areas. Overall, it “feels” like a next-gen Spectrum since it offers new options and features. Key features are: ground-up foundational code base, local pixel control, 12 pixels capability, Gradient mode, smart-power feature that allows over-wattage head to be powered by lower-wattage ballasts and a specialized Cue feature. See Treatment for more info.